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Shopping Bags Perth
We are part of an Australian based company that has been offering a range of packaging products to a variety of industries over the past 20 years.

With the eventual Australia-wide banning of “single use carry bags” we saw a need to offer consumers an alternative to the thicker “reusable plastic bags” and the so called “environmentally friendly” polypropylene bags.

Our solution is the Cotton Bag a truly reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, compostable bag. We offer a choice of bag sizes and handle types.
Together We Can Make This World
A Better Place
Being conscious of our responsibilities to the environment we decided to offer consumers an alternative bag that can be reused and recycled when it has reached the end of its useful life.

The bags when disposed of correctly will biodegrade with time and become compostable. The biggest concern with plastic bags is that they will end up in our waterways. With our bags they are not light weight light and therefore less likely to end up there. By using natural materials we can start to deplasticise our lives and the environment.
Why Cotton Bag?
COTTON is a truly natural product that has been cultivated since ancient time and used to make all kinds of clothes and homewares. It is known for its versatility, performance and natural comfort. It can be woven or knitted into a range of products which is why we have chosen it for our replacement to the plastic shopping bags. The bags are washable and in this way you can prevent them from becoming a home to E.coli and salmonella or the other invisible germs that live on long after your shopping trip has ended.